Get creative, Get inspired, and Get well!

Color Us Well is a fun, inspirational and charitable project that looks to improve the lives of children in the hospital through creativity and self-expression.

Uniting local talent, Color Us Well has put together this coloring book, featuring original artwork by artists in the community. Both our acclaimed and aspiring artists have designed a coloring book page with their unique style and message of hope. What makes Color Us Well particularly extraordinary is the collection of diverse artists, enriching each child with a new creative experience.

Color Us Well is providing the gift of creativity for children who need it the most with the belief that art can heal. A picture is worth a thousand words and we are hoping that Color Us Well will bring a thousand smiles!


How It All Started…

Seeking to give back to the community in a way that was close to her heart, entrepreneur and graphic designer, Elyssa Renert founded Color Us Well. In addition to supporting the local arts community, Elyssa realized the importance of exposing children to diverse original artwork that would fuel their imagination even further.

Jill Ruddy, Elyssa’s dear friend and former design co-worker, was so supportive of the cause and enthralled with the project, that she took a lead role as Creative Director in developing the coloring book and expanding it to a whole new level by including artwork made by other children.

Noelle Kasbar, the media director, took on this important role due to her love for children, culture, and her seasoned experience in media and marketing. She will be using many media outlets to help launch this project and spread the good word!


The Color Us Well Mission

The mission is to inspire and awaken creative expression in children that are in the hospital. What makes Color Us Well particularly unique is the collection of diverse artists, uniting to give the gift of creativity to children who need it the most. The response has been overwhelming, with artists who wish to provide children with an outlet for creative expression.

With increasing budget cuts of local art support and art education, it is especially essential to keep the passion for and knowledge of the art community alive with Color Us Well. The coloring books are keepsakes for the children and their parents, who will be able to frame an original piece of artwork interpreted by their children.

With prominent artists actively involved, Color Us Well hopes to branch out into other cities and continue to provide special coloring books to children’s hospitals.

Together, with the collaborated efforts and talents of the community, Color Us Well will spread the creative love and leave a lasting impact on children!